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Dramatically Increase Sign Up Rates With These Tips


Sign ups are one of the best ways to increase your potential customer base and engage visitors to your site. Use these tips to get visitors to sign up and give you your details and you can then pursue a strategy to keep them engaged and then motivate them further to turn into customers.


Attractions and incentives

Any visitors will ask: what’s in it for me if I sign up? If you want visitors to sign up, offer them attractions and incentives that will further their interests too. If you have freebies to offer, link them with sign up. Such freebies could include free downloads, trial offers and a contest that will offer them a chance to win should they subscribe. Promoting sign-ups further increases chances of funneling new prospects to your prospective client list.


Design an attractive, simple, easy to use sign up form

  • No one likes an extended form asking for a lot of details. No one liked kludgy forms. Keep the design simple and use fonts, graphics and colors to enhance it. Provide a link for sign up on all pages of your website.
  • The form fields should be the barest minimum, including only name and email address. Once he registers and is more interested you could provide a further form asking for more details.
  • Assure each visitor that you care for his privacy and security and will never misuse the email and other details for any other purposes other than sending him promotional offers and to keep in touch.
  • If you are sending out newsletters in response to sign-ups, clearly outline in brief the contents with use of bullet points. Consider your sign up offer from a visitor’s perspective and ask yourself if you would respond.


Different people, different approaches

A landing page or a registration page on your website is not the only way to get people to sign up. You could use:


Newsletter sign up box.

Display this box on all pages of your website so that a visitor can make a decision at some stage and take immediate action.


Opt In Comments

You may be running a blog and allow people to comment to your posts. Design a blog so that a pop up shows up when a visitor wishes to comment. Being part of a contributing community could encourage visitors to sign up.



That you must have a Facebook page is a given. Importantly, provide a sign up box to get subscribers and build up groups and followers. Inviting them to be part of a family is a better motivator than simply letting them be passive commentators.


Squeeze Page

This is another effective route to enlisting subscribers. Make short video concisely outlining benefits of signing up for newsletters, offering benefits in future if visitors stay in touch. 

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