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How to Track Social Media For Measurable Gains

Given the fact that Google now gives more weightage to popularity on social media, it is important to implement social media marketing campaigns and create a significant presence in social media networks. The question is how do you know how successful your social media marketing campaign is and the returns you are getting for your time, labor and money. Quantity in terms of numbers of followers, likes and subscribers or connections are no metrics on which to base success. Quality means that your activities generate measurable gains.


What are the Three Most Challenging aspects of your social media program?

The barriers to measurement of social media campaigns are:

  • Lack of dedicated resources for research, analysis and statistically proven data
  • Lack of good content writers
  • Lack of knowing what exactly to measure
  • Lack of appropriate monitoring and measuring tools


Another problem with social media marketing is that what you do today gets you returns only at some  time in the future. Another issue is that contact in social media may not directly contribute to a result but could influence someone else somewhere and there is no way of tracking the route.


What are the top goals of your social program?


If you are seriously interested in monitoring results and measuring gains you could use social media monitoring tools available from:




These sites may offer free tools. You could also go in for paid tools such as PostRank Analytics and Trackur. These tools return measurable results that will help you modify your campaigns for even better outputs. You can track social media as well as blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, video, audio, Q&A and networks with these useful set of tools.

 What does your company use to analyze and report on its social media Activities?

One of the best tools out there is web analytics (Google). With analytics you have data categorized data giving you IP address, time of access, source of traffic and other metrics to help you refine your marketing action plan. If your campaign is result oriented, you get greater accuracy. If you plan simply to create awareness and branding, it would be more difficult to measure results. However, using tools and analyzing results help you redefine action plans for even more outputs aligned with your objectives.

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