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Social Media Demographics 2016

If you are planning to conduct a social media campaign and wish to be more precise in targeting people, you would like to know social media demographics and it certainly helps. The statistics given below are obtained from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Post-Election Survey, November 14 to December 9, 2012. Of course the statistics may be quite different for other countries.


How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

  • The top social media questions marketers want answered:
  • The time commitment:
  • The benefits of social media marketing:
  • Most-used social media platforms:
  • Social media networks people want to learn more about:
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In brief:
  • Surveys only confirm what people knew all along: women are more social creatures and naturally make more use of social media.

  • The young are more into social media than mature adults and older people. Why is it not surprising?

  • There is not that much of a noticeable gap between urban and rural users.

  • College students and school students make more use of social media: what do you expect?!

Which social network appeals to whom?
  • Facebook is the favorite of women and youth

  • Pinterest has a broader appeal across all demographics

  • Twitter is more wide in appeal, appealing to African Americans, urban residents and youth

  • Instagram likewise has a wider user base across Hispanics, African-americans, urban citizens, youth and women.

As for adults:
  • 97% are Facebook

  • 76% Twitter

  • 67% LinkedIn

  • 53% YouTube

  • 49% Google+

  • 44% Pinterest

  • 12% Forum

  • 12% Social Review Sites

  • 11% Slide share

  • 7% Social Bookmarking

Survey by Social Media Examiner (May 2016)

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