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Types of SEO Content

SEO content is an essential part of establishing market niche for an organization. It is widely known that nothing sells without proper promotion. And it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that works towards creating a place for a brand in the business market. As the name suggests, it is all about promoting on the web platform to achieve highest page rankings that ensures adequate visibility. There are various types of content forms that can help an online business to establish a landmark:

  1. Product Pages: The product page needs to have attractive graphics and compelling content with possible keywords inserted. This page acts as the perfect landing page and has to have a detailed description of the product.
  2. Blog Posts: Blog is a conversational discussion about a product or a service. As the matter in the writing piece is inviting, the keyword have to be inserted according to the total word limit. The blog can have links, giving options to readers for reaching respective website to get more information.
  3. Articles: Another important aspect of SEO is article as they are descriptive matter with relative keyword. It can be in the form of feature, or website related article.
  4. Listings: Listing helps a company, its product or services to get instant recognition. As the matter of this writing piece is in the form of bulleted points, it becomes easier to scan them. The search engines find it easy to identify their quality and pass them to appear in its page rankings.
  5. Guides: It describes about a product, usage, and the method applied to use it. In terms of service, guides informs on the advantages of the services and the way to get them. Being a detailed piece of writing, it is broken into different web pages for easy understanding having relevant keywords. They can be accessed either by registering to the website or even registration for more traffic.
  6. Videos: With lesser videos on the web platform; there are more chances for them to catch attention. A video about the product or service with company information can be really successful in generating leads.
  7. Infographics: These are large sized images with lesser content as the graphics are qualitative enough to describe the company’s message. It is quite powerful in generating back links to your website.
  8. Slideshows and Directories: Slideshows are relative images of a product or service with to the point content about them; while, directories are a set of links related to the topic that has descriptive content in them for SEO purposes. 

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