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Which is better: Organic SEO or Paid SEO Services?

Getting traffic is the most important first step in initiating a business transaction with a prospective client. These days when there are thousands of similar websites and competition is high, getting your website to display on the first couple of pages of search engine search results is a tough task. This is what SEO seeks to achieve through short term and long term strategies.


Organic search engine optimization

Organic search engine optimization is for long term but positively growing results over time. It does need a lot of efforts and time. First you would want to modify your website and optimize it with use of appropriately researched keywords, navigation structure, content and other parameters aligned to search engine algorithms. Then you carry out offsite SEO such as creating inbound links through a variety of methods. This is time consuming, labor intensive and expensive as well but shows surprisingly increasing results, better rankings and a positive holistic growth over time. The catch: Can you afford to wait a long time for organic search engine optimization to get you the much desired traffic? You cannot.


PPC, search engine marketing or Paid SEO

This is where PPC, search engine marketing (or paid SEO) comes in handy. By careful, well mapped strategies and research, you can gain much more targeted, quality traffic in the short term through paid search engine ads and positioning. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have Pay Per Click programs that list your carefully worded ad on search result pages whenever anyone uses search keywords similar to those chosen by you. This means you access people who are actively looking for your products and when your ad is displayed, there are high chances of such people clicking through to your site. The downside is click frauds and the chances that not all clicks translate to business. It is expensive and costs money to run sustained PPC programs.


PPC packages are differentiated from organic SEO in that you have a choice of position on page, speed of results, trust level and traffic volume through paid ads.


Which one to choose?

Both are effective. Organic SEO is lower in cost but takes time to show results and has more value. PPC provides immediate traffic but is expensive. You could approach an expert SEO Services organization for optimized and balanced implementation of both to get maximum benefits starting from day one. Start with both. Stay with PPC until organic SEO starts showing significant returns at which point start tapering down PPC.


You only need to be careful in selection of the right SEO Services company for the most cost effective implementation of both strategies. An experienced and expert SEO Services firm gets you increasing traffic over time, more quality, targeted leads and global exposure through affordable SEO while implementing short term strategic, well researched PPC programs.


A word about Google Paid Listing

You will find ads displayed with colored backgrounds on search result pages based on the keywords chosen for the search. These are sponsored links running concurrently with PPC models but cost more. Google offers options for such premium placements through the Bid Price model. People generally give more weightage to such placements and prefer to click through, making Google Paid listing a good choice to increase traffic.


To sum it up, organic SEO and PPC are vital and necessary for success and growth. You may say you have allocated all budget to organic SEO and cannot spare anything for PPC. It would be better to go easy on SEO, implementing it in stages through an SEO Services company and also concurrently run PPC through the same organization, balancing budgets for immediate returns and better long term prospects. 

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